High Tech Dentistry

Minimally Invasive Dentistry


Dentistry has undergone a major paradigm shift, from the old "drill and fill" days to practicing Minimally Invasive Dentistry. With our population living longer than ever before, it is our job as your dentist, to try and assure you of keeping your teeth for life.

How do we do this?

By practicing Minimally Invasive Dentistry, we use high tech equipment and state of the art science to do the least possible to make your teeth healthy. Lasers, Digital X rays, state of the art equipment for the hygienists, magnification and other high tech devices, allow us to diagnose Dental disease early, and treat conservatively.


Here are a few of the latest dental technology currently being used in our office:



Laser Cavity Detection

At Soddy Daisy Smiles, we use the DIAGNOdent Laser by the Kavo Corporation to detect even the smallest cavities at the earliest stage possible. It actually looks beneath the surface of your teeth to detect decay “from the inside.” Research has indicated that early cavities won’t show up on x-rays and are almost undetectable using conventional detection methods. Early detection allows us to place small microscopic fillings virtually invisible to the naked eye. The DIAGNOdent is painless, and invaluable in keeping your teeth for a lifetime.

The conventional method of detection with a regular dental explorer is one way for cavity detection. But, seen in this picture, the explorer is not precise enough to detect the decay.


Diode Dental Laser

Our Diode dental laser allows us to treat many gum procedures,previously only treatable by traditional periodontal surgery. Unlike periodontal surgery, Diode laser treatments, are much less invasive, and can achieve similar results. Following diode laser gum treatments, the patients exhibits minimal discomfort and can usually resume normally activities the next day. No stitches, no bleeding, and virtually no pain, make this an excellent alternative for many that fear traditional periodontal surgery.

Our laser also helps to provide relief from bothersome canker sores in your mouth, with just one quick visit. With Laser dentistry, discomfort from the sore is reduced, while healing is substantially faster. Call us today to find out more information.



oraqix teardrop bullet jpg Needle-free application avoids patient injection anxiety
oraqix teardrop bullet jpg Avoids lingering numbness in the lips and the tongue

Oraqix® brings effective, needle-free anesthesia for all of our adult patients during scaling and/or root planing procedures.

Periodontitis affects a large percentage of the population throughout the world and is a major contributing factor to tooth loss in adults. Although professional treatment can prevent progression of the disease, some patients fear the pain and unpleasantness associated with required dental procedures. Local anesthesia is often used to lessen patient discomfort of appropriate treatment, but injection of an anesthetic may be, in itself, upsetting and painful. And, as a result, some patients delay or avoid visiting their dentist and fail to receive proper treatment. This is were Oraqix comes in, deep cleanings/periodontal treatment can be preformed with out any injections.

Air Abrasion

A technique called air abrasion uses powerful particles of aluminum oxide to remove debris and decay. The most exciting thing for patients is that air abrasion is painless and, in some cases, doesn't require any anesthetic.  Air abrasion leaves behind a gritty feeling in your mouth, which is simply rinsed away almost instantaneously using a small suction device.

Air abrasion is great for repairing tiny cracks, imperfections, and decay on a tooth. The no needle Air Abrasion technique is only suitable for restoring small to medium -sized cavities. It may not be suitable where large cavities are present or to replace old fillings.


Digital X-Rays

One of the newest advances in dentistry involving x-rays is digital x-rays. Our x-ray system is a computerized imaging system that utilizes an electronic sensor instead of X-ray film. The sensors produce sharp and clear images that appear almost instantly on a computer screen. Digital x-rays uses up to 90% less radiation than conventional film X-rays.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is an indispensable diagnostic and educational tool. The tiny video camera moves around inside of your mouth and generates a tooth by tooth video exam of your teeth.

Using an intraoral camera allows you to have a better understand of your dental needs by seeing what the dentist sees and then having it explained. With the images produced by the intraoral camera, you can see your teeth and have an easier understanding of all the conditions in your mouth, such as broken teeth, plaque, decay, gum disease, defective fillings, and so on.
Intraoral Cameras help detect problems early on, which can also save our patients a significant amount of money in the long run. Please contact us today for more information on this wonderful instrument.


Our goal is making your Dental visit more comfortable than ever. Technology is expensive, but we spare no expense if it benefits our patients. Call our office today to experience high tech, Minimally Invasive Dentistry.


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